Albert (Ab) Bruce Douglas
1912 - 1971
Age 58
Born in Saskatchewan
Married October 14, 1940
Christina (Chrissie) MacDonald

Albert was the first of the five sons of Will and Clara Douglas. He was the first person born in Briercrest, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Ab was a Saskatchewan wheat farmer. He and his younger brother Don, who turned 90 in 2004 , took over their grandfather's homestead known as "Shaw's Ranch". The family celebrated the 100th anniversary of this homestead in 1999. See Century Farm.

Ab was a pioneer in the treatment of seed wheat. His exposure to mercury may have caused the blood disorder that lead to his mysterious premature death.

Ab was always active in local education and government. During the last three years of his life he was the federal Member of Parliament for Assiniboia, Saskatchewan with the 1968 Trudeau Liberal government.

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This marker was in place until 2014

when it was replaced after Chrissie's death

South side of Plot J Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn Saskatchewan Canada