Elderly Crossing - Day 6 - 9 - Fishing Trip

At 7 am Saturday June 19 almost the whole fam damily (13 in total) headed to northern Saskatchewan, stopping at noon for lunch in Prince Albert, passing though La Ronge and finally reaching Missinipe (pronounced like Mississauga) at 4:40 pm. 830 km in total. 

Here is a neat little brook beside an roadside picnic area near La Ronge. 

Early Sunday morning the keeners prepared for an exciting day. Linda, of course, was the most stylish. Eric was showing off his pre viagra Combat Hat.

Later, the rest of us headed out with our fearless leader Stuart. Stu is an old family friend who has a cottage in Missinipe and essentially hosted the whole event. Thanks Stu. 

Here are the keeners: Eric, Linda, Devon and Kyle. Non stop fisher persons.

Finally all 3 boats were united on Otter Lake. 

Later one boat returned to Missinipe to pick up Mom and Dave for "shore lunch", using precious gas.  (See Gilligan's Island story below).

At shore lunch several of us took a hike to see "Twin Falls".

Here is a group photo taken after shore lunch by Linda. We will spare you the gory details of Devon hooking his own leg (he blamed it on the fish), Linda slipping on the rocks and ending up under the boat, Kyle joining her in a futile rescue attempt.

Left to Right: Dave Stu Chrissie Ross Marge Christopher Anita Kyle Leah Paul Bruce Devon Eric (no Linda).

Then there is the whole Gilligan's Island affair. Ross's boat ran out of gas and while Eric was towing him to shore Stu's boat passed by and waved unknowingly, thinking they had just stopped for more fishing. After a long trip to Missinipe for gas and refreshments, Eric and Bruce finally returned for the rescue. To lighten things up a little Bruce, on debarkation, slipped on the rocks and ended up waist high in Otter Lake - didn't stop talking and didn't spill his beer. Takes years of practice to do that. 

We caught lots of Walleye, some Pike and a few Perch, enough to send one crew home with their limit Monday morning. The rest of us fished all day Monday. Anita was thrilled to catch the largest Walleye 3.5 lb. Linda made the mistake of serving a batch of chile Monday night. 

We had warm dry weather for our two days of fishing but the sky opened up that night and the temperature dropped for the 8 hour drive home Tuesday.

All in all a good trip, only minor injuries and no fights.