Nina Patterson
September 4, 1927 - October 26, 2001

A memorial service was held at 1:30 p.m. Thursday November 1 at Riverview Funeral Chapel. Nina's ashes were buried following the service.

Taken at the MacDonald Family Reunion July 1, 2001


While we gather to mourn our mom Nina's death, we also celebrate the full life she led.

A feminist before the word became popular, Mom worked hard all her life both in her professions as a secretary and marriage commissioner, and as a mother and wife.

When we remember Mom we remember a woman who spoke her mind but knew when to hold her tongue - except of course when talking politics with Dad.

She was a woman who put family first - encouraged us when times were tough and cheered us on when we tried our best.

She became our rock when Dad passed away Nov 13 1986, our calming influence at our weddings, and a proud and busy Grandma and Nanny when her 5 grandchildren were born in a span of 4 years!

Mom was also an avid sports enthusiast - playing baseball, curling, bowling, and football in her younger days and loudly cheering on her Toronto Blue Jays and Saskatchewan Rough Riders in her adult life.

We never knew how tenacious she was, however, until she was diagnosed with the lung disease COPD in 1997. While her mind was as sharp as a tack these last 4 years, sadly her body was not.

At this sad time, we take comfort knowing Mom is surrounded by her heavenly family - who are probably welcoming her with a wee dram - that she is dancing the Highland Fling with brand new lungs and that we and our children - Curtis, Lauren, Cassidy, Evan, and Duncan have another angel to watch over us and guide us.

And Mom, the World Series has started and you've got the best seat in the house - too bad the Jays aren't in it.

Rest in peace Mom and in the words of Grandpa MacDonald - "slange a vah" (pronounced sloshavah) - which is Gaelic for "good health to you"!

Thank You from Janice & Shona

We would like to thank the many family members who called, sent cards, and travelled long distances to be with us as we said goodbye to Mom.  

At a time when we felt so alone, we were truly touched and comforted to have the support and caring of our aunts and cousins at this very sad time. 

We are trying to return to "normal," but we do so with heavy hearts, particularly as the holiday season fast approaches.  

Again, many thanks.  Your support keeps us going.

Janice and Shona (Patterson)