Merry Merry Xmas 2001
from Bruce & Deb

Deb's Christmas branch

After spending last Christmas in England Deb and I returned to Canada to spend New Year's Eve at the cottage.

Matthew arrived for a three-week stay on Jan 9th 
after which Deb and I headed out to Canmore. We paid a visit to the Brucemore Mansion in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on the way.

We spent 5 weeks in Canmore. I only skied 13 days for several reasons - some extremely cold days, a flu type cold, lack of snow, and a broken ski binding. The worst ski conditions ever. Shortly before Deb and I left Canmore there was no snow on the roads, sidewalks or fields.

We got to see family and friends during our stay and we were pleased to be joined for a weekend by Eric and Linda, Kyle and Bonnie.

Deb and I made our way back to Ontario, stopping overnight in Regina with friends Jim and Pat. We got to go to great nephew Jesse's 1st birthday party before arriving in Weyburn to celebrate Mom's birthday with her.

In April Michael went to Roatan, Honduras for some island scuba diving. Brian had a kick boxing tournament in Thessaloniki, Greece.

In May friends Jim and Pat from Regina spent a weekend at the cottage with us.

Summer was soon on its way and in June we flew to England for two weeks. The main reason for our visit was to attend Natalie's graduation from the University of Surrey. She spent 4 years studying Law and French.

We were home in Mississauga for 2 days before we flew to Regina so that we could attend Aunt Rhoda's surprise 70th birthday party and the MacDonald family reunion.

In July Ross and Marj spent a weekend with us at the cottage and attended the Douglas family reunion. As we were driving to the reunion, Ross and Marj received the news that they had become the proud grandparents of twins Tyler and Alyssa.

Back at the cottage...
We installed a patio door and new windows on the coldest day in May...  and a 4 hour power cut didn't help! A new air tight fireplace in July and new carpet in the living room, bedroom and hallway. In August new kitchen and dinning room floor tiles... laid on the two hottest days of the summer!

Natalie arrived for a two-week visit mid August and old friend Howard from Calgary spent a couple of days at the cottage with us too.

September 1st Deb's parents arrived for a two-week visit. We took them to see Ottawa, Montreal, and Niagara Falls. But they were happiest at the cottage. canoeing, peddle boating, boating and watching the raccoons, loons, beavers and feeding the chipmunks.

We were all at the cottage when we learned of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We spent two days glued to the one TV station we get and wondering how it would affect Deb's parents return flight to England in 3 days time. In the end it didn't. 

October 14th:

Deb and I were married at the Ancaster Old Mill. Mom, Michael, Brian, Natalie, Matthew and friends Cliff & Pat, Rudy & Mei joined us for the ceremony. We had a lovely day.

As one of Deb's friends wrote:
'A natural conclusion to your special love affair'

Unfortunately, I have been suffering from pneumonia for a month since November 7th. Pretty well confined to home.

We plan to spend Christmas at home this year. Deb will be cooking Christmas dinner for Michael and Brian and friends Rudy and Mei and any other waifs and strays that care to join us.

Got another mid week season pass to Sunshine this winter. Deb and I are planning to head out west late January for a couple of months again. Hope to see you soon.

Have A Happy 2002

October 14th, 2001... Bruce and Deb Wed