Douglas Family Reunion - 99
1:00pm Saturday July 24, 1999
Hosted by Bruce & Irene Barton
Etobicoke, Ontario

John Henry Douglas and his wife Clara Jane Boyce had three sons Donald, William and Ross, and two daughters Elizabeth and Helen. Ross contracted polio, married late in life and had no children. Helen had only one daughter Mary who never married and had no children. Descendants of the other three children attended the family reunion.

Unfortunately the entire Thompson branch was not in attendance due to the illness of Doris (Hayes) Thompson. We wish her all the best in her fight with cancer. Please see the 97 Reunion  page for pictures of the Thompson clan from the last reunion.

Descendants of 
William Wallace Douglas
1884 - 1958

Susan Douglas, Bruce Douglas, Elizabeth (Douglas) Doherty, Fran Douglas (wife of Jack), Murray Douglas, Chrissie Douglas (wife of Albert), Ian Douglas
Descendants of 
Elizabeth Isobel (Douglas) Hayes

Owen Barton (husband of  Helen Hayes, dec), parents of:
  • Joan (Barton) Ross
  • Bruce Barton
  • Anne (Barton) Wattling 
Descendants of 
Donald Waters Douglas
1881 - 1967

Mary Douglas
David Douglas
Betts Douglas (wife of Evan Douglas, dec)
Peter Douglas

Fran, Murray & Chrissie

Elizabeth, Ian, Susan and mother Fran.

Richard and Mary moved here from England for a couple of years. 
Trevor and Sheri are married and working as actors in Calgary.

Dillon and Bryan kept things interesting
I am short of photos. Somehow my (crappy) camera did not capture pictures of the Doherty family, the Bruce Barton family, the Rose family and some of the generation pictures. Please send your doubles to me, and better prints of the pictures I do have too.