Century Farm Celebration
In May of 1899, Albert Shaw began farming on a homestead in Assiniboia, NWT, granted to him under the Dominion Land Act of 1897. The farm has been operated continuously by his descendants and is eligible for recognition by the Province of Saskatchewan as a Century Farm.

This farm, located four miles north of McTaggart, eventually became known as Shaw's Ranch. The "sheep barn" depicted above, although no longer in existence, was a landmark in the area.

Read the full story of Albert and Edith Shaw

A celebration of the 100th anniversary of this homestead was held  Saturday June 26, 1999.

We had cups made up with a picture of the sheep barn and legal description of the original homestead quarter.

Twenty eight descendants of Albert and Edith Shaw from four provinces attended to help mark the occasion. We all met for brunch at the Weyburn Inn Saturday morning. 
The whole group drove to the Weyburn Inland Terminal for a tour guided by Edwin. Then to the Soo Line Historical Society's Power House Museum, one of the best small town museums I have seen.

At 5pm we reconvened at the Weyburn Inn for dinner and drinks - lots of wine (25 bottles but who was counting)!

Here is a Saturday night group photo
Present (left to right):
Ross Eric Kyle Chrissie Dave Elaine Murray Yvonne Ed Bruce Donelda Anita Don Paul
Marj Owen Elmer Christopher Fran Teren James Linda Marcia Lindsey Mike.
Gord & Daniel

 Don, Elmer, Murray and Chrissie all got up to tell numerous fond recollections of Albert and Edith Shaw. The event was video taped and has since been converted to DVD. It is something every Douglas descendant should cherish for insight into where they came from. Let me know by email if you would like a copy. 

First generation of Shaw descendants
Fran Don Murray Yvonne Elmer and Chrissie
Second generation of Albert Shaw descendants
Ross Paul Bruce Eric Owen Ed and Marcia
Third generation of Albert Shaw descendants
James Lindsey Christopher Warren Kyle and Teren

First thing Sunday morning most of us headed for the pancake breakfast at Nickle Lake and a visit to the Albert Douglas Dam plaque

Click for close up view of plaque
Then to Ross and Marj's farm for beef on a bun.
Click for close up look at sign - 34kb
Murray and Elmer in deep discussion

The Alberta contingent had to leave for home from there.

Several of us headed back to Nickle Lake for the Jambouree. An even smaller group went to see the Albert Douglas Dam that creates Nickle Lake. 

All in all, a pretty nice celebration. We had a lot of fun - for Douglases. 

Thanks to Ross for organizing and hosting the event, almost single handedly.