Rhoda's Surprise 70th Birthday Party

About 80 people congregated at the El Rancho banquet room June 30th, 2001
All awaited Rhoda's arrival. She was truly surprised!

Tears flowed as the 4 sisters got together for the first time in 4 years.

Nina from Edmonton, Chrissie from Weyburn and Alice from Penticton

We enjoyed a great meal followed by music and dancing
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Jock and Justin entertained regularly through the evening.
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The Golden Girls

The Foseths
Wayne Wanda Ron Karon Cheri Rhoda Nena
Professional photographers set up for portraits.

Here is Rhoda with her sisters, her children, 
and most of her nieces & nephews

Left to Right (higher face first when in doubt):
Nena Cheri Sandy Karon Eric Sandra Ross Alice Bruce Rhoda Nina Wayne Chrissie Janice Wanda Neil Ron

And here are most of the next two generations
Left to Right: (higher face first when in doubt)
Jock Sarah Duncan Jesse Chris Lauren Devon Stephanie Taylor Kyle Leah Justin Jamie Kail

Rhoda posing on Andy Robertson's motorcycle
Guests signed the picture below. Click the picture to see signatures.
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